Monday, December 26, 2016

4 Useful Tricks to Help You Follow Your New Year's Resolution

Do you want to finally be able to follow your New Year's resolutions after so many years of junking them? New Year gives us a good feeling in that we can start all over again and take on a new lease on whatever we want to change. But for many or us, the resolutions from yesteryears are still the same resolutions for the new year. We tend to abandon these resolutions. 

What seems to be the problem? Apparently, self-control is one of the reasons why we cannot maintain those resolutions. What can we do to really stick to the resolutions this time around?

Psychology has 4 things that can help you finally, follow those resolutions to the T.

Form Implementation intentions 

Various studies have shown that people tend to follow and do something if they form the intention. For example, you will go to the gym when your alarm sounds.  By forming an implementation intention, you will be ready when you encounter the cue and follow through is more likely.

Focus on the abstract

Instead of physical properties of a particular thing or situation, you can divert your focus on the intangible properties. If you are tempted to eat a slice of cake, then focus on the abstract property such as the cake's healthy or not? This tends to promote more self-control.

Bundling Choices

When you bundle choices, you train yourself how to act now and on future situations. This can help you make choices that you are not going to regret. 


Self control is a limited resource. Save it until you need to use it and avoid temptations. 

It takes the right kind of planning to keep your resolution. It is a good decision and you will realize later on that it is worth it. 

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