Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How a Guy Treats His Mother

How a guy treats his mother is something to watch out for. Remember that there are exceptions to the rule but you will be able to pretty much tell the kind of guy you are dating by observing his relationship with his mom.

A mother’s relationship with her son is different than that of the relationship between a mother and daughter.

What are the things that make the perfect man for you? Each woman has her own set of standards that make up an ideal man. One of the factors that affect a woman’s standards is the way a man treats his mother. This is an indicator on how a man will treat a woman when they are husband and wife. Studies have shown evidences that a man’s relationship with a woman is reflected by how a guy treats his mother.

Simple things to look for in a guy are the following:

1. Respects and honors his mother.
2. Makes sure that his mother’s needs are met.
3. Checks on his mother randomly.

Any other things that are opposite to what are indicated above must ring warning bells. It is a different case if your guy has been abused or abandoned by his mother. Also consider his relationship with other women such as friends and officemates. This can give you an insight on the kind of guy that you are dating.

The guy that you are dating may just be the one for you if you see how a guy treats his mother. The type of relationship that a man has with his mother can also be a factor that can make or break the future with a guy.

Mama’s Boy

A mama’s boy is constantly reassured by his mom that no one will be good enough for him. If you are dating this kind of guy, then boy, you have a lot to fill in like acting like his mother. Not a good idea.

Balanced Relationship

A man with a balanced relationship with his mother is supported by his mother but they are not dependent on each other unlike a mama’s boy where they appear to be joined at the hip. This type of man will be more mature and is able to talk with women, as well as engage in healthy relationships.

The Rebel

A rebel type of guy is detached from his mother and may have a lot of baggages such as an absentee or abusive mother. This can cause a relationship to fail.

A mother’s role in her son’s life is to be a able to nurture, care, and provide for him. Being too protective of her son or wanting to have a say in almost everything that pertains to his son’s life can affect your relationship a lot.

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