Thursday, December 1, 2016

20 Tips on How to Keep the Romance Alive in a Relationship

Relationships are not easy. Who said it is anyway? As time goes on, the road that you have to travel are full of bumps. It is not an easy journey even with time. Similar to the analogy that even though you are on a job for a very long time, it does not follow that you are improving. Most long-term relationships endure a lot of speed bumps along the way. Many want to find out how to keep the romance alive for a very long time. Some couples will look as if they are the happiest in the world and even post those on social media sites. But when at home, we do not know what really happens because some couples will try to mask the bitter reality that there is trouble in paradise.

Anyway, what are the secrets on how to keep the romance alive even after 20 years into the relationship? The problem can sometimes lie on the fact that you are not finding ways to spice up your life as a couple. A common reason is too much work in order to pay the mortgage, or the bills, and just about any other thing that requires money.

Of course, to make a relationship last long, it is important to remain in love. That is something that totally depends on the couple. However, here are some ways that can make your relationship interesting.

1. Host a Party

Spending every second of the day with your partner can be boring sometimes. You have to grow together and mingle with other people. Making one person the center of your world can be bad for you. However, this does not mean that you have to care less or love less. Host a party for your friends and invite each other’s friends. By doing this, you are able to meet your partner’s friends, and vice versa.

2. Dine at a New Place

New restaurant in town? Try it out together. Going to the same restaurant or coffee shop can be boring in a relationship. We get it that it means a lot to you because it was there where you first met each other and fell in love. But hey, there’s no harm in trying a new place. That adds to the excitement. Then you can argue over whether the food is nice or not.

3. Even lovers need a holiday

Despite wanting to spend every minute of your day with your partner, doing so is not healthy. You need to spend some time alone and enjoy that moment of aloneness. Do not feel guilty about it. Wanting to be alone is normal. This allows freedom for both parties who are in a relationship. This does not mean that you should find a new person and cheat on your partner!

4. Random gifts

There does not need to be an occasion before you gift something to your partner. It does not have to be something expensive. Just a little something to let them know that you are thinking about them. This goes both ways. This is another way on how to keep the romance alive.

5. Visit your partner at work

Not to sound like a stalker or a jealous partner – it is healthy to a relationship and it can make a relationship lasting to. Randomly visit your partner at their work and take them out for lunch. It is a very simple gesture but it will go a long way.

6. Go on dates

Even if you are married or have been dating for quite a while, it is not an excuse to neglect romance. One key on how to keep a romance alive in long-term relationships is to go on the date and plan it. It does not have to be expensive but try to make it romantic.

7. Plan your goals together

As partners, or husband and wife, one tip on how to keep a romance alive is to ask each other about what they think about a particular decision. Set goals for both of you as well as the kids if you are planning to have some.

8. Experiment in the bedroom

Share something new with your husband or wife. You can experiment on positions or probably get those kinky toys.

9. Talk about having a child

This is a talk that should be done by every couple. Bringing another child in this world is a big responsibility. This will change your life forever.

10. Travel to a new place

Go to a new place where both of you have never been to. Discover new things and enjoy your travel time together.

11. Be involved in each other’s life

This does not mean that you have to know every move and route of your partner. Some relationships are stagnant because they are not relating to each other.

12. Talk about your arguments

It is perfectly normal to have a fight with your partner. The key on how to keep the romance alive in a long-term relationship is to be able to resolve your conflict before you go to bed. This is a challenge among couples because some would keep silent and wait until it goes away.

13. Show and tell

Showing and telling your partner how much you care for him or her can help a lot in a relationship. Both men and women need assurance that they are still loved and cared for. This is a very simple act that can rekindle your romance. Do not be afraid to show your partner how you feel.

14. Say thank you

Thank you is just two words that can be very powerful. Be thankful even for the littlest of things that your partner does for you – whether it’s picking you up, doing your laundry, or preparing a cup of coffee.

15. Listen

Communication is a two-way street. When one talks, the other should listen. Talking at the same time will not resolve anything.

16. Mind your hygiene

Keep yourself well-groomed just like before you started your relationship. Make an effort to look and smell good for your partner.

17. Avoid being clingy

Being clingy can be solved by reassuring the partner that there is no monkey business going on.

18. Accept each other

One important secret on how to keep the romance alive is to be able to wholeheartedly accept the other half for who he or she is. Do not try to change your partner or expect him or her to change for you.

19. Trust each other

Do not go snooping around their emails and text messages. That is just not right. If you are suspecting that something is amiss, talk it out.

20. Do not cheat

Cheating is a major cause of broken families and relationship.

These tips on how to keep the romance alive in a relationship even when you are together for such as long time are simple guides that you can follow to have a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

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