Wednesday, December 7, 2016

3 Simple Steps to Approach Women

Approaching women and knowing the right things to say to make her want to talk to you can be quite challenging. This gave birth to pick-up lines that work wonders to start a conversation with a woman. So how do you maintain a woman’s interest in talking with you after you have delivered a one-liner that is not even yours?

Be yourself. Guys, this is one rule that you should adhere to when you are planning to approach a lady. So this is what guys should do.


Be observant of your surroundings. The people around you, the weather, and your surroundings as a whole. Use these to approach women. Then you can use it to talk to women. There are two responses when you try to strike a conversation. One is that a more outgoing woman will have a joke as a response while the other one will stare at your and wonder what you need from her.


Share an interesting story or an opinion about. Your woman of interest will see you as someone who’s trying to strike a conversation and will not be threatened by you. You can then ask some questions.


Ask questions that will require a longer answer. Make sure that you ask questions that require elaboration, or an answer that will need more words.

While these three steps are not really the way that you approach and talk with a woman, this can be a guide for you. You can strike a conversation in a supermarket, a park, or other appropriate places.

This is challenging but you can also try this on your on to see whether it works out. Good luck!

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