Thursday, December 8, 2016

Being Single: Top 10 Signs that Tells You’re Not the Marrying Type

1. You are contented being alone.

You feel complete despite the fact that you are single. You are married to your job or whatever it is that eats up most of your time. Some people do better by being self-absorbed. That is not a bad thing actually.

2. You are horrified by the thought of being with a single person for the rest of your life.

You simply want to enjoy life and do not want to commit to one person. You want to meet other people and at times, feel desired by many.

3. You can’t stand the thought of sharing your place with someone.

You do not welcome other people to tell you what things to buy or how to design your place.

4. You do not want someone telling you how to manage your finances.

You are very thorough with your finances and you do not want someone to question you on how you spend your money and where it goes. You also feel that you do not want to support someone else financially.

5. You cannot envision your future with children.

Some people can see themselves having lots of kids with a partner. However for you, this idea simply is not appealing. You cannot see yourself raising your own family.

6. You refuse to be responsible for the emotions of others.

You prefer to look after your own emotions and other needs. You prefer to not have any rules or schedules.

7. You look at marriage as a prison – well, sort of.

For you, getting married will destroy your physical attractiveness. For women, having babies mean that their figure will be destroyed. As for men, they will become less desirable when they are married.

8. You prefer to make decisions on your own.

You want to make your own plans and do not require the opinion of others. Compromise is not in your vocabulary.

9. Weddings do not excite you.

You tell yourself that you are lucky not to have any of those marital problems.

10. For you being single has more perks than being tied down.

Even though you see your married friends happy and contented with their life, you still enjoy the freedom of being single because single life means freedom.

Choosing to be single is not a bad thing at all. There are people who made their choice to be single just as there are those who prefer to enjoy married life.

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