Thursday, December 22, 2016

Top 5 Myths on Dating and Finding Love

Being single has its own perks. Being in a relationship also has its own benefits. If you have been meaning to find a stable and long-lasting relationship, being single can be frustrating.

Relationships are not perfect. It could be that you are believing incorrect things about love and dating that can hinder your chances at finding a lasting relationship. You may need to reassess some misconceptions that you may have about dating and relationships.

Myths on  dating and finding love

1. If I am not attracted to a person, he is not relationship material.

Wrong. There are some relationships that are developed over time. Just because there is no electricity when you hold hands or stare at each other does not mean that you cannot become lovers. Give your relationship a time to grow.

2. Being in a relationship will make me happy.

This is one of the . There are certain benefits that come when you are in a healthy and mature relationship. There are also people who are perfectly happy being single. It is important that you go into a relationship because you want it and not because you just want to fit in.

3. Men and women feel differently.

Both men and women feel the same things. It is in the expression that creates a difference as dictated by society.

4. Physical attraction fades through time.

As men and women age, the hormones are fewer but the feelings are the ones that can fuel the passion.

5. Conflicts can harm a relationship

Disagreements and conflicts are common in any healthy relationship. If you know how to resolve things correctly, this can be a good opportunity for you and your partner to grow.

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