Friday, January 6, 2017

Top 3 Signs That You're an Insecure Partner

Being in a lasting relationship involves give and take and plenty of communication. Trusting one another is one major important thing in any long-lasting relationship. While there are times that jealousy can arise, this is normal. However, there are those who take jealousy to the next level and turn psychotic. Are you the insecure partner? If you answer yes to the things below, then you seriously need some working out in your security and confidence area.

1. Checking up on your partner is a requirement

It’s like you are a security checkpoint that you have to read the messages of your partner and see his or her call logs. This his something that a mother would do to her teenage son or daughter. There are times that you think the contact names are fake just so your partner does not get caught in whatever you suspect he is doing. You know you have gone overboard when you copy his or her contacts and check on them.

You also check on social media accounts and get notifications when someone sends a private message of some sorts.

2. Attendance

You have to just know where and what your partner is doing during intervals. When you don’t get a reply, you go all bananas and throw a fit. You sometimes have to double check if what your partner is reporting is actually true. You even go to their nights out for a surprise visit.

3. No friends of the opposite sex

Aside from your partner’s relatives, you are supposed to be the only outsider male / female in your partner’s life. When your partner looks at someone else to appreciate, you pick a fight.

Trust is essential in any lasting relationship. If you are not able to trust your partner, chances are you will end up splitting.

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