Thursday, January 12, 2017

12 Secrets to a Lasting Relationship

Some relationships last for a lifetime, while some relationships fail and go poof. Do you every wonder what the secrets in maintaining a long-lasting relationship are? How do couples stay together for years and not lose the love?

Here are 12 of the important factors that come into play – sugars, spice, and all things nice that make up a great and lasting relationship.

1. Don’t let your past affect you. Let go and move on. Don’t be bitter about your past. Learn from past mistakes but don’t live in the past .Cherish your new relationship and realize that the person is not the same as your ex.

2. There should be communication because it is extremely important in any relationship. Communication may not be easy especially if you need to talk about sensitive topics. Opening up to how you really feel especially during a fight is important. Some issues may be challenging but you have to talk it out nevertheless.

3. Constantly reaffirm your partner. This can help a lot in improving your relationship.

4. Everyone needs some time alone. A healthy relationship is one where you do not have to do everything together. Give each other room to grow. It is perfectly fine to do something with your friends that does not involve your partner being nearby.

5. Admit your faults instead of blaming your partner for it.

6. Laughter is the best medicine. Have some fun time and share a good laugh with your partner. Sometimes, in a fight, cracking a joke can help resolve things.

7. Honesty is a basic factor for a healthy relationship. Be open to your partner.

8. Learn to forgive. If you cannot make up, you are bound to break up sooner or later.

9. Trust is earned. Do not give your partner a reason to doubt you at any point in your relationship.

10. Just as couples need to be lovers, they also have to be the best of friends. When the passion fades away, it is the friendship that keeps people together.

11. You and your partner have imperfections. Learn to deal with these and be patient. Relationships end not because of the problems but because you are no longer willing to try to make it work.

12. Love and love some more. Love is the key. Love yourself and love your partner. Both of you are not perfect but you are perfect for each other. Do not build walls around. Instead, open up and love.

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